instagram shoppable tags

How to Use Instagram’s Shoppable Tags

Reach a whole new market, mobile shoppers

Have any Instagram post shoppable

Provide an entirely in-app shopping experience, from browsing posts to check out.

Influence shoppers

Motivate targeted Istagram users who love to explore new products on the app and turn them into customers.

Boost sales

Increase your current marketing strategy with access to over 800 million daily active Instagram users.

Get your store ready

Shopping on Instagram is now live for many business accounts, and will soon be available to all Instagram users who have a store ready Facebook business page connected to their account. Shoppable tags work just like tagging a friend but instead of linking to someones username it links to a product available on your connected Facebook store. To ensure you are ready to use Shopping on Instagram follow these simple steps:

  • Install the Facebook catalog through the Facebook channel if you’re on Shopify or have your web developer connect your store to Facebook.
  • Set up an Instagram Business Account
  • Have an eligible physical good to sell

Quick note: If you are tracking sales channels via a store dashboard this may take some time to properly attribute. Via Shopify: For insight on engagement, you can track Instagram referral traffic. Sales will be attributed to the online store channel.

Why Instagram’s Shoppable Tags will change the social media landscape

Influencers and taggable products

Instagram isn’t just a tool that can increase brand awareness anymore or an inspirational, educational or informational destination for users. It means that from now on, brands can start making real money using the app–something that Pinterest and Twitter already thought about a long time ago with Buyable Pins and the Buy Now button, respectively.

Influencers in particular play an incredible role in the sale of products through Instagram. By leveraging their reach to targeted customers bases, influencers will drive more sales than ever thought possible in the past.

Maximize product discovery

With the introduction of shoppable tags, business owners can tag multiple products in one post. This means instead of telling the users to go to the bio and click on the one link available in the bio, often taking the user to a collection of products so they can see options, now each product can have a link to individual pages. The fewer walls in the way to purchasing a product the higher the likelihood of potential customers checking out.

Removing the mystery

Ever wondered what jacket a person was wearing in a shot, only to find out what the brand is, leading you to search tirelessly online through that brand’s collections? Businesses can now take that out of the equation altogether, including showing the price of the product. Customers, with the tap of a finger, will be able to see product names and prices and then browse straight to your website and checkout. We can only imagine the increase in sales if content is created properly.

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